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StewartDocs is a software program designed specifically for small agencies and approved attorney offices who issue title insurance through Stewart Title.  StewartDocs allows them to quickly and efficiently produce title insurance and real estate transaction documents, such as:

  • Title Commitments
  • Policy Schedules
  • Endorsements
  • 2010 HUD-1 and HUD-1A
  • Affidavits, Notices, Agreements, etc.
  • Information from the streamlined data-entry screens of the title file merges into state specific document templates and to the HUD.

    The documents and HUDs that are created can then be printed or they can be saved as a PDF file to the user's hard drive for future reference or to be attached to an email.

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    Additional Highlights


    StewartDocs is self-contained: it does not require a third party word processor, spreadsheet, or runtime Access Database to run.

    StewartDocs is a simple to use, yet feature-rich, application and database of 'title files'.

    StewartDocs is low cost and requires virtually no training.

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